Title The Fate of the Furious
Release date 2017-04-12
Country United States of America
Duration 136 mins
Views 38
Genre Action Crime Thriller
Rating 6.9
Director F. Gary Gray Spiro Razatos Hilbert Hakim Kim Berner Cliff Lanning Rhys Summerhayes
Creators Gary Scott Thompson Chris Morgan
Actors Vin Diesel Jason Statham Dwayne Johnson Michelle Rodriguez Tyrese Gibson Ludacris Charlize Theron Kurt Russell Nathalie Emmanuel Luke Evans Elsa Pataky Kristofer Hivju Scott Eastwood Corey Maher Tego Calderón Don Omar Patrick St. Esprit Eden Estrella Janmarco Santiago Oren Hawxhurst Celestino Cornielle Olek Krupa Alexander Babara Andre Pushkin Robert Jekabson Nick Gracer Gary Weeks Friday Chamberlain Joe Fishel Michael W. Broomer Sam Hadid Matthew Cornwell Jason Rhymer Jeremy Anderson Peter Hansen Todd Cole Jordan Baumer Scott Proctor Carrie Lee Consolino Madalyn Defler Taylor Donaldson Isabel Downing Anna Duvall Jaci Grace Edwards Reese Edwards Caylin Ingram Caroline Kimmel Katherine Kimmel Jordan Price Anna MacKenzie Rogers Marina Lyn Serra D66 James Ayoub Carlos De La Hoz Alejandro Bosch Lisandra Delgado Santiago Solis Chavez Joyvan Guevara Brenda Nuñez López Anita Farmer Bergman Karin Boesler Apollo GT Yassie Hawkes Myrom Kingery Gary Lavard Faith Logan Helen Mirren Pauline Nowakowski Charles Poole Oleg Prudius William Cowboy Reed Mark Salas Ramona Schwalbach Jon Komp Shin Doug Stroup Branislav R. Tatalovic Alan Tuskes Zachary Vazquez Gary Lee Vincent Megan Marie Wilson Yuliya Zelenskaya Özcan Özdemir Paul Walker Jordana Brewster

When a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of crime and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.

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